After 25 years of serving this area, locally-owned Craftmania is going out of business.

I visited Friday, Aug. 14, as I have so many times before, and my mood matched that of my fellow shoppers, as well as the employees. We were sad, not just for ourselves, losing a valuable resource for our crafting needs, but for the newest group of unemployed Mainers.

The reason for the closing isn’t poor service, inadequate inventory or lack of shopper interest, but one that has become all too familiar, not only in Maine but throughout the country — a big box national chain comes to town and knocks the little guys down.

When Hobby Lobby arrived, I knew I would never shop there because of the politically charged agenda of moralistic ideology store ownership tries to force on others, and every person I spoke to when I was at Craftmania seemed to share my feelings.

We would now rather drive a little farther or utilize the Internet more, but we would not be going to Hobby Lobby. For those of us who knit and/or quilt, there is still Quiltessentials — a wonderful, locally-owned shop, which we need to support.

I offer congratulations to Hobby Lobby, but also a promise that I will not be seen in that store. My belief system is just as strong as that store’s administration, and I believe in supporting local over loud and pushy.

Diane Fuller, Lewiston

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