As one whose work requires him to walk the streets of Lewiston six days a week, I find former Lewiston Mayor Larry Gilbert Sr.’s recent letter (Aug. 18) promoting the Maine People’s Alliance and attacking current Mayor Robert Macdonald and Gov. Paul LePage to be ridiculous and offensive.

Both LePage and Macdonald are trying to implement the welfare reforms and social- program changes that the majority of people I talk to want to see.

At the same time, the MPA and other “social justice” organizations are trying to divide, organize protests and encourage those who do not work or contribute to continuing doing so.

The welfare cheats, criminals and layabouts in the city do not need help from Gilbert and his friends in the MPA, they are doing their thing just fine.

It is interesting to me that I have seen Mayor Macdonald out on the streets of Lewiston dozens of times during the past few years, as well as Gov. LePage — in good neighborhoods and bad. They know what is going on.

Ben Skibitsky, Dixfield

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