This is in response to the story in the Sun Journal about benefit bartering (Aug. 16). I have two points to make:

• Is there no one in the State Legislature with enough courage to pass new laws against the fraud being committed by some receivers of state aid (MaineCare, SNAP and TANF)? Laws are actually being broken. Why is it that no one is being charged?

• What is so terribly wrong with having one’s photo on the welfare card? Taking away one’s privacy? Baloney. My driver’s license has my picture on it and I do not consider that an invasion of privacy. In fact, it is there to protect me in case my license is lost or stolen.

People receiving aid already have the right to say “no” to the photo.

But those who have lost their cards, or have had cards stolen and replaced over and over again, have lost that privilege and should automatically have their pictures on their cards.

Where is the backbone in Augusta that the people of Maine need?

Pauline Fortin, Sabattus

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