Lewiston’s Ward 5 has the opportunity to re-elect someone entirely committed to its neighborhood and city — Kristen Cloutier.

Cloutier has continued to impress me with her thoughtful insight into civic duty. She has devoted her time to understanding — in a very local sense — public policies, political bipartisanship and economic development. She actively engages others, truly listening to what they say and then considering how those opinions affect her own perspective.

She has always been my first resource when I have questions about current local events, as she is always approachable and well versed on every side of any issue. I always come away from a conversation with her feeling respected, validated and informed.

I am confident that Kristen Cloutier will continue to bring all these qualities to a second term on the Lewiston City Council. Her sense of duty and passion for smart, sensible and thoughtful leadership is exactly what Lewiston deserves.

Daniele Cote, Lewiston

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