OXFORD — The Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District has awarded its 2015 Stewardship Group award to the Thompson Lake Environmental Association. This District administers the Environmental Protection Association 319 Grants that were created through the Clean Water Act to assist local environmental groups and municipalities reduce soil erosion in watersheds. Each year, the District selects one group that they have worked with that has shown consistent dedication to understanding and conserving of local natural resources. The District noted in the announcement of the award that:

“We truly appreciate your dedication and proactive efforts in protecting and improving Thompson Lake. For over 40 years TLEA has been actively involved in lake protection efforts. Over this time, these efforts have included reducing sediment loading to the lake through education and outreach efforts, conducting watershed surveys, actively seeking out and supporting grant projects that address erosion sites, and yearly fundraising and oversight of your own Youth Conservation Corps program.”

The Thompson Lake Environmental Association is dedicated to the preservation of the natural beauty, water quality and wildlife habitat of the lake. The Association has more than 400 members and a volunteer board of directors. Special recognition for this award should go to the 319 Grant Committee members: Marcia Matuska, chair, Kathy Cain, Pete Laverdiere, Ron Armantrout and K C Putnam.