RUMFORD — A new hiking trail created by the Mahoosuc Land Trust connecting Rumford’s famous Whitecap to Black Mountain ski area has led to the debut of an 8.7-mile challenge event.

The Black Mountain Ski Resort is hosting the Black and White 2 Peak Challenge on Saturday, Oct. 4. This will test the best of athletes as well as provide a fun day for outdoor enthusiasts. Racers can set out to attain personal goals, while people who simply enjoy the outdoors can savor scenic views and have some fun as well.

“This is just a very unique race,” said Roger Arsenault, president of the Black Mountain board of directors. “The western mountains are pretty awesome, as far as hiking goes. Both Whitecap and Black Mountain have different, unique beauty, and it will be a great opportunity for people to experience both of them and have some fun along the way.”

Registration begins at 7 a.m. in the Black Mountain Ski Resort base lodge. From there, transportation will be provided for a 25-minute ride to the starting point on East Andover Road. The race will begin at 9 a.m. sharp, just off the road at the trailhead. Water and facilities will be provided.

The trail will be well-marked with white signs, and officials will be stationed at each intersection along the path. Water will be available in the valley and at the summit of Black Mountain, and at safety stations.

“There’s some who will want to win the event, others who are doing it for personal goals,” Arsenault said. “And there’s people who are just going to be hiking and enjoying the views and getting the exercise. There’s something for everybody.”

The trail will ascend to the top of Whitecap Mountain, an open ledge area with a lot of berries and incredible views. From there, it will descend to the valley floor before beginning the climb to the summit of Black Mountain. The trail will circle the large communication tower at the top, which has views in all directions. The trail will begin the descent to the top of the Black Mountain Ski Area lift and proceed down the acclaimed Allagash ski trail.

The path maneuvers in and out of ski glades created by the mountain’s own famous Angry Beavers.

Angry Beavers is a group created by Jeff Marcoux and his father, Jerry Marcoux, who enjoy skiing off the trail, Arsenault said. The group started cutting glades in the mountain and have cut between 11 and 15 so far.

“Instead of just running down the ski trails to the bottom, we’ll go down the trail and jump into the glades,” Arsenault said. “It’s different sections that are off the main ski trails as you go down. They’re really kind of pretty. It’s easy going down through there. Kind of different. You’ve got to do it to appreciate it.”

The trail will lead to the Chisholm Ski Club cross-country trails and finish under the bridge in front of the base lodge.

The entry fee for the 2 Peak Challenge is $40, or $50 the day of the race. Categories include overall fastest men and women, with winners in all age brackets.

There will also be a Kids’ 1-Mile Fun Run, starting at 10:30 a.m. on the cross-country sprint loop. The entry fee is $10 and everyone wins.

Award presentations will take place shortly after the race, at a time yet to be determined.

Timing for the event will be provided by the Chisholm Ski Club and will have split times for all athletes along the way. Results will be posted and can be viewed shortly after the event at or

Additional activities will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in and around the base lodge, including:

* Barbecue and music by Jamie & Gary.

* Scenic lift rides, $5.

* Ski Depot previews of 2015-16 equipment.

* Disc golf: Bring your own disc or Frisbee and try it free.

* Paintball biathlon, $10, or $5 with any other event.

Title sponsors for this event are Marley Beverage Co. and Allagash Brewery.

The event is organized by the Chisholm Ski Club.

“Logistically, it’s a little different than being at the mountain because we’re covering a lot of territory,” Arsenault said. “It will require at least 35 volunteers. Anyone who’s willing to volunteer, we’ll find a position for them.”

Those positions will include brush-clearing and sign-posting, he said. 

He said this event, a fundraiser for the ski area, will take place about this time each year.

For more information, call Black Mountain at 364-8977 or visit the Black Mountain website at

[email protected]

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