I’m not in the habit of rah-rahing any politician running for office, but I am making an exception for Lewiston Ward 7 Councilor Mike Lachance. He is not a politician. He’s an ordinary citizen serving his community.

Politically, he’s not going any further than the City Council. He has made it clear he is not using his role as a councilor as a political springboard or ideological bully pulpit. He lives in Ward 7 and he has its residents’ concerns as his number-one priority.

Lachance is the only one in the race to unequivocally express his opposition to the regressive trash-bag tax, which would hit Ward 7 seniors on fixed incomes the hardest while providing minimal property tax relief.

When I wrote him an irate, even provocative, email about a concern, within half an hour he was knocking on my door to hear me out in person. That impressed me. A lot.

Andrew Hall, Lewiston

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