I have been a Red Sox fan for 60 years, but believe the firing of NESN announcer Don Orsillo is a ridiculous decision, evidently made by one person. Rumors have it that said person didn’t like Orsillo. Who is he (big money man?) to totally disregard millions of fans who know Orsillo is a great play-by-play announcer?

I am also a huge Dodgers fan who prefers Orsillo over the legendary Vin Scully.

I would rather pay Orsillo what he is worth than watch multi-millionaires such as Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval not even come close to playing up to their ridiculous salaries. When the Red Sox are being beaten (which happens fairly regularly), Orsillo and Jerry Remy still hold the fans’ attention with their hysterical asides that have all the viewers laughing at them and not the mediocrity of this year’s team.

Orsillo and Remy are a hundred times better together than other networks’ baseball announcers, and NESN would break up that dynamic duo? They are the best two in the business.

If NESN is foolish enough to not rehire Orsillo, I can’t wait for hockey season.

I hope there are enough grumpy people like myself who desperately want Orsillo back. If NESN doesn’t bring him back it will be a bigger gaff than General Manager Ben Cherington’s past year’s signings.

I respect Remy and Orsillo as real professionals. I hope I can say the same about NESN next year.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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