DEAR SUN SPOTS: The class of 1966 at Stephens High School in Rumford is planning a class reunion for Sept. 3, 2016. There are several classmates for whom we do not have current addresses. If you have an address, phone number or email for any of these classmates, please contact Louanne at 207-357-5478, Ginny at 207-364-3619 or Maryann at 207-364-4710. The missing classmates are: Mike Aube, Barbara Barlow Moxey, Eugene Bartlett, Richard beaudet, Rebecca Blanchard, Ronald Burns, Harry Dunton, Robert Fisher, John Gallant, Roger Hebert, James Hersey, Curtis Kimball, Francis Lutick, Sharon McCloud Peasle, Robert Mildrum Jr., Jane Prinn, Coleen Smith Morris, John Savard, Claudette Thibodeau Martin, Terald Townsend, and Steve Vatalaro. Thanks for any help that you can give us.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am 88 years old and still use a pencil with an eraser and my electric typewriter. I know I am not modern by not using a computer, but hopefully you might help me in getting my outdated typewriter repaired. Repairs are needed on an Olympia Report Electronic typewriter. Do you know of anyone who still makes these repairs? Thanks for all you do. — No Name in Greene.

ANSWER: Cosco Technologies, 50 Bearce Rd., Winthrop, ME 04364 specializes in business machine sales and service. Typewriter repair is listed as one of their services. Call 207-377-2897 to find out if they service your brand of typewriter. You will need to explain what problem you are having with your typewriter. Maybe readers know of other repair businesses and will share that information with Sun Spots.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m a big fan of the television show, “Doc Martin” that aired on WCBB. Will it continue its series or is this the way it ended? — No Name in Jay.

ANSWER: Doc Martin will continue. Season 7 is reported to return early next year with eight episodes.

HI SUN SPOTS: Thank you so much for all the great help you give to our community. The United New Auburn Association and The Boys and Girls Club of L/A are planning our upcoming 5th annual Hello-ween event scheduled for 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31, in New Auburn. We need additional manpower and the following items: white gloves; white face paint; big, big shoes; oversized sport coats and baby dolls. Also needed are donations of snack-type foods to offer as refreshments to attendees of the Haunted House. Items can be dropped off at the Club. Donated items will not be returned. UNAA is looking for folks to hang signs, event set up, crossing guards, hand out donated candy, run some of our games and act as costume judges. For more information, call Kathy Shaw at 207-320-1969.

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