AUBURN — Enrollment numbers for Auburn schools show there are 3,574 students this year, 36 fewer than last year.

“We are not having the same excitement as Lewiston is having,” Superintendent Katy Grondin said.

Lewiston was projected to receive 100 more students this year, but has 250 new students.

Data from Grondin showed Edward Little High School has 1,001 students, up 18 from last year. Average class size is 17.

Auburn Middle School has 548 students, up 35 from last year. Class sizes range from 22 to 24 students.

In the six elementary schools, there are 58 fewer students than last year.

Enrollment numbers and average class sizes for elementary schools are: Sherwood Heights, 387 students, average class size 20; Walton, 256 students, average class size 18; Washburn, 247 students, average class size 19.

Also, East Auburn, 176 students, average class size 21; Fairview, 567 students, average class size 22; and Park Avenue, 392 students, average class size 23.

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