WILTON — Meredith Gagnon, 9, was declared the winner of the 2015 Wilton Pumpkin Car Derby when her “Mike Wazowski” pumpkin rolled the farthest down Lake Road.

Let me set the scene for you: Saturday afternoon, idyllic Wilson Lake to the left, laughing children bundled in winter jackets and hats to the right. Each small child carrying a less-than-20-pound pumpkin decorated in its own Halloween costume. 

This is the Pumpkin Car Derby. 

Families from the town brought pumpkins, decorated, painted and roll-able. They put wheels and spokes on the bottoms to create a movable surface. Two to three children at a time placed their pumpkin cars at the start of the track, a wooden slope whose top end reached 3 feet high. 

Gagnon was ecstatic to have won the first-place trophy. Her mother, Lisa Gagnon, was on hand to cheer her on and congratulate her. Gagnon said her parents helped her put the pumpkin car together, but her father did most of the work. “He’s the one who put the tires on,” she said. Lisa Gagnon laughed. “I just did the paint.” 

After the winner was announced, the children, smiling and red-cheeked, continued to race each other’s pumpkins down the man-made slope.

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