Tucker Adrian Ogden, a boy to Kayleigh and Jonathan Ogden of Auburn, Aug. 15. Grandparents, Eric and Jane Jameyson, Lakeland, Fla., Amanda and Dwight Ogden, Mechanic Falls, Kathy Spaulding; great-grandparents, Pat Jameyson, Winter Haven, Fla., Jim and Josie Quimby, Davenport, Fla., Carol Monroe, Auburn.

Emma Lynn Benson, a girl to Kevin and Megan Benson of Oxford, Aug. 30. Sibling, Ethan; grandparents, Renee and Morgan Moore, Mechanic Falls, Dawn and Dennis Cyr, Oxford, Dana Benson, West Paris.

Roman Joshua Dunham, a boy to Josh and Victoria Dunham of Lewiston, Sept. 3. Sibling, Gabriella; grandparents, Judy and Dick Cross, Bethel, the late Victor Coolidge, Bethel, Paul and Ginger Dunham, Warren.

Lux Mia MacKellar, a girl to Andy and Amanda MacKellar of Topsham, Sept. 3. Grandparents, Marcel and Janice Blais, Lewiston, Duncan and Maria MacKellar, Topsham; great-grandparents, Joseph Blais, Greene, Larry Ouellette, Lisbon, Evelyn MacKellar, Winthrop, Gloria Maheu, Waterville. 

Dakota Michael Dehaan, a boy to Felicia Bell and Adrian Dehaan of Lewiston, Sept. 6. Grandparents, Roberta and Charles King, Lewiston, Paula Todd, Springvale, Michael Dehaan, Willingboro, N.J.; great-grandparents, Carolyn Lamontagne, Gray, Geraldine Todd, Springvale.


Haley Rae Bradstreet, a girl to Kelsie Sylvester and TJ Bradstreet of Topsham, Sept. 9.

Christian Gregory Williams, a boy to Matthew and Alyssa Williams of Auburn, Sept. 14. Grandparents, Greg and Jake Williams, Lewiston, Michael Martin, Lewiston, Cecile Martin, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Joan Williams, Auburn, Rudolph and Virginia Landry, Waterville.

Thomas Archer Schindler, a boy to William Schindler and Nikki Leathers of Auburn, Sept. 17. Siblings, Eliana, Koda, Max, McKenna, Samuel, Destiny, Ryan, Andrew; grandparents, Paul Leathers, Auburn, Jean Leighton, Auburn.

Elliette Rivers Loring-Dymond, a girl to Danielle Loring and Dominic Dymond of Mechanic Falls, Sept. 18. Sibling, Skye; grandparents, Ernest Loring, Sweden, Linda and Chris Johnsen, East Baldwin; great-grandparents, Dorothy Loring, Sweden, Sandra Willette, Portland; great-great-grandmother, Dorothy Dumas, Sweden.

Evan Roger Rouillard, a boy to Heather and Justin Rouillard of Wales, Sept. 18. Sibling, Taylor; grandparents, Irene and Norm Martin, Wales; Paula and Ron Rouillard, Turner.

Ella Lynn Mills, a girl to Jason and Elizabeth Mills of Monmouth, Sept. 21. Sibling, Grace; grandparents, Heidi Gallop, Monmouth, David and Eleanor Mulcahy, Monmouth, Kenneth and Nancy Mills, Sanford;
great-grandparents, Joyce Delano, Norway, Dale Mills Sr., Oxford, Elizabeth and Richard Zaccari, Pittsfield, Mass.


Serena  Lynn Fulcher-Decker, a girl to Stacey Fulcher and Joshua Decker of Lewiston, Sept. 22. Sibling, Michael; grandparents, Wanda Fulcher, Lewiston, Johnny Fulcher, Lewiston.

Braylee Mae Spear, a girl to Keith and Macie Spear of Auburn, Sept. 22. Grandparents, Tammy Belanger, Auburn, Robin Boutin, Lewiston, Thomas Belanger, New Gloucester, Robert Rowe, New Hampshire; great-grandparents, Judith Fortin, Auburn, Linda Spear, Canton, Harold Spear, Canton.

Jaiden  Thomas Burgess, a boy to Miranda Pepin and Christopher Burgess of Lewiston, Sept. 25. Grandparents, Michele and Roger Rossignol, Greene, Tammy and George Burgess, Gainsville, Ga., Albert and Nikki Pepin, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Gary Dow, Auburn, Pamela Dow, Lewiston, Katherine Flaherty, Falmouth.

Kadence Ann Holden, a girl to Justin and Amanda Holden of Lisbon, Sept. 25Sibling, Jade; grandparents, Robert and Tracy Gosselin, Lisbon, Timothy and Brenda Holden, Winthrop, Doug and Judith Phillips, Winthrop;
great-grandparents, Harold Holden, Winthrop, David Clark, Sabattus.

Justin Michael Reed Harris, a boy to Dana Malinowski and Phil Harris of Monmouth, Sept. 26. Siblings, Ryker, Kailynn, Anastasia; grandparents, Rick and Corinne Ryan, Monmouth; great-grandparents, Mike and Lynette O’beck, Smyrna Mills, Rebecca Bennett, Leeds, David and Ardella Bennett, Cleveland, Tenn.

Landon Michel Boyd Blair, a boy to Ashley Roy and Matthew Blair of Turner, Sept. 28. Grandparents, Angela Hardy, Turner, Lisa Roy, Gardiner, Mike Roy, Sabattus, Steven Blair, Livermore; great-grandparents, Bradford and Margaret Wight, Sabattus, Pamela Hardy, South Paris.


Joseph Henry Lewis V, a boy to Joseph and Jessie Lewis of Auburn, Sept. 28. Siblings, Alexis, Marissa; grandparents, Raymond and Linda Dennis, South Paris, Ken and Barbra Charity, Hartford; great-grandparents, Sharon Lewis, Sherman, Paul and Margaret Johnson, Lewiston, Evelyn Parker, Turner.

Julianna  Annemarie Morrill, a girl to Effrum and Jeniffer Morrill of Mechanic Falls, Sept. 29. Grandparents, Julie McDonald and Nancy Stimson, Mechanic Falls, Dorothy Morrill, Otisfield, Brian Morrill, Waterford; great-grandparents, Ann and Bill McDonald, Wakefield, Mass.

Josie Jacqueline Colbath, a girl to Derek and Jo Anna Colbath of Minot, Oct. 1. Siblings, Aiden, Liam; grandparents, Tammy Demers and Shawn Burns, Gray, Donald and Nina Colbath, Windham, the late Gordon and Jacqueline Harwood, Minot; great-grandparents, Charles and Norma Hawkes, Fayette, Richard and Patricia Demers, New Gloucester.

Phoebe Grace Pinkham, a girl to Joseph and Julie Pinkham of Georgetown, Oct. 5. Sibling, Millicent.

Levi Max Bradley Damon, a boy to Nicole Whittemore and Michael Damon of South Paris, Oct. 6. Sibling, Kaison; grandparents, Kenneth and Sheila Whittemore, South Paris, Ross and Donna Damon, Oxford, Connie and Larry Fletcher, Lake Wales, Fla.

Olivia Rose Davis, a girl to Sara Mann and David Davis of Auburn, Oct. 6. 


Ryker Owen Holbrook-Derosier, a boy to Jasmine Holbrook and John Lemay of Lewiston, Oct. 6. Siblings, Andre, Dustyn, Cheyenne; grandparents, Heidi Holbrook, Londonderry, N.H.

Kyrah  Levesque, a girl to Pamela Taylor and Nathan Levesque of Topsham, Oct. 8. Siblings, Paige, Cody, Tabitha; grandparents, Linda Rideout, Springfield, Maunce Rideout, Gray, John Levesque, Auburn, Pamila Justice, Topsham; great-grandparents, Tomiko Levesque, Lisbon, Donald Carver, Buckfield, Lucy McMahon, Plattsmouth, Neb.

Delilah Christine Dooen, a girl to Sarah Caron and Derek Dooen of Sabattus, Oct. 10. Siblings, Adam, Noah, Ezra; grandparents, Tom and Ann Smith, Minot, Bruce and Lindy Dooen, Georgetown, Cindy Dooen and Dave Lapointe, Auburn; great-grandparents, Chris Smith, Mechanic Falls, Charles Swett, Poland, Jean Dwirial, Lisbon.

Kayden Thomas Strattard, a boy to Thomas Strattard and Erika Morin of Yarmouth, Oct. 10. Sibling, Griffin; grandparents, Denise Dube, Lewiston, Mike and Cathi Morin, Auburn, Bruce and Karen Strattard, North Yarmouth; great-grandparents, Rita Dube, Lewiston.

Lillian Marie Beote, a girl to  Jasmen White and Ryan Beote of Lewiston, Oct. 11. Grandparents, Holly Crocker, Auburn, Mike Duncan, Auburn, Diane Hartford, Lewiston, Benjamin Beote, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Alda Levesque, Sabattus, Norman Levesque, Sabattus, Keith Crocker, Stetson.

Anniston Sage Grenier, a girl to Ashley Grenier and Darrell Grenier of Lisbon Falls, Oct. 11. Siblings, Garin, Emma; grandparents, Karen and Randy Crafts, Lisbon Falls, Dottie and Dan Grenier-Bolduc, Deltona, Fla.; great-grandparents, Patricia MacDonald, Lisbon Falls, John Crafts, Lisbon Falls.


Zoey  Tyburski, a girl to Amanda and Zach Tyburski of Minot, Oct. 11. Grandparents, Ann and Dan Collette, Lewiston, Pam Mallard, Lewiston;
great-grandparents, Jeanne Collette, Lewiston, Lorraine Morrissette, Lewiston.

Isabella  Bosse, a girl to Katie Moran and Travis Bosse of Sabattus, Oct. 14. 
Siblings, Kiana, Bentley; grandparents, Linda and Gil Cote, Lewiston, Kathy Long, Sabattus, Don and Susan Bosse, Mechanic Falls; great-grandparents, Lorraine and Roland Ray, Greene, Normand Garant, Lewiston.

Audrey Nicole Kindlimann, a girl to Meagan Kindlimann and Jared Daniel Hutchinson of Lisbon and Lewiston, Oct. 14. Grandparents, Mark and Margaret Kindlimann, Lisbon, Daniel Hutchinson, Bath, Angie Hutchinson, Lewiston;
great-grandparents, Joe and Kay Allen, Kentwood, La., Martha Kooy, Millstadt, Ill., Jean Gotimer, Brunswick.

Tristan Bennett Proctor, a boy to Nathaniel and Azure Proctor of Auburn, Oct. 17. Sibling, Zander; grandparents, Walter and Sabine Mahunik, Syracuse, N.Y., David and Sheila Proctor, Casco.

St. Mary’s 

Aaron Everett Dunton, a boy to Richard and Tricia Dunton of Buckfield, Sept. 1. Siblings, Sam, Henry; grandparents, William and Patricia Penley, Scarborough, Mary and Timothy Buzzard, Rumford, William Dunton, Greenwood.


Greyson Paul Ron Moore, a boy to Nicholas Moore and Abigail L’Heureux of Lewiston, Sept. 28. Grandparents, Hope and Kevin Moore, Lewiston, Danielle L’Heureux, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Paul and Audrey L’Heureux, New Auburn, Ron and Betty Howe, Lewiston.

Victoria Eve Smith, a girl to Sarah and Paul Smith of Poland, Sept. 28. Grandparents, Mary and Warren Ogden, Schenectady, N.Y., Linda Smith, Poland; great-grandparents, Geraldine and Sonny Smith. Farmington.

Wyatt Joseph Hill, a boy to Karleigh Eccles and Benjamin Hill of Lewiston, Sept. 30. Sibling, Jaxson.

Tobias Joseph McIntyre, a boy to Crystal McIntyre of Lewiston, Sept. 30. Grandparents, Teresia and Kevin McIntyre, Lewiston.

Amani Jeannette Debbie Perry, a girl to Jeannetta Todd and Vernon Perry of Lewiston, Oct. 5. Grandparents, Diane Todd, Lewiston, John Todd, Lewiston, Debbie Perry, Brooklyn, N.Y.; great-grandparent, Shirley Giguere, Auburn.

Lucille Judith Little, a girl to Sean and Kaitlin Little of Minot, Oct. 6. Sibling, Miles; grandparents, Thomas and Diane Sturgeon, Bowdoinham, Duane Little, Auburn, Elaine Little, Lewiston.


Rene Adelbert Forest Foster, a boy to Maryssa Leavitt and Brandon Foster of Norway, Oct. 7. Sibling, Jensen; grandparents, Jeremy Leavitt and Tasha Leavitt, Poland, Elaine Girardin and Mike Cunneen, Mechanic Falls, Rene Foster, Lisbon Falls, Pauline Foster, Lisbon Falls; great-grandparents, Judy Thurlow, Kim Thurlow, Aline Girardin, all of Poland, Larry Foster and Sue Foster, East Poland, Loretta Enman and Dana Enman, Otisfield.

Easton James Wells, a boy to Brittney Bryant and Dan Wells of Greene, Oct. 7. Grandparents, Rey and Laurie Tienda, Southgate, Mich., Glenn Wells and Emily Gordon, Loudon, N.H.; great-grandparents, Mary Laesser, Lincoln Park, Mich., Clarence and Mary-Jane Gordon, Loudon, N.H.

Selah Juana Melendez, a girl to Jose and Sarah Melendez of Lewiston, Oct. 8. Siblings, Lilyann, Kelsey; grandparents, Joshua and Bethany Marking, Minot, Efrain Melendez, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, Josephine Narvaez, Chicopee, Mass.

Lincoln Michael Poulin, a boy to Renee and Anthony Poulin of Minot, Oct. 8. Sibling, Ellie; grandparents, Michael and Susan Meservier, Turner, Lawrence and Florence Poulin, Lewiston.

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