As a recent college graduate, I am very excited to vote for two candidates in Lewiston who believe all of its residents should have an opportunity to thrive in this community. That would be Ben Chin for mayor and Jim Lysen, for city councilor, Ward 1.

I have known both for several years and believe they will provide the leadership Lewiston needs at this critical time.

I worked with Lysen at St. Mary’s and now am employed full-time with another organization. His was a strong voice for quality health care for all, from newborns to the elderly. He also worked as a volunteer on issues such as voter rights, fair wages and protecting the environment.

Chin has been an effective and fair leader, especially in Augusta, fighting for Lewiston residents and other Mainers against harmful state budget cuts and ill-advised policy proposals.

They have both earned my support.

Hawo Abdille, Lewiston

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