LIVERMORE — Several road issues were discussed at the Board of Selectpersons meeting Monday night.

Administrative Assistant Carrie Castonguay told the board she received a complaint about the Bowles Road after a mail truck lost its muffler while delivering mail on that road recently. Castonguay said mail delivery may be stopped due to the condition of the road.

Highway crew member Ron Greenwood said, “We’ve been talking about that road for three years. It’s horrible. I feel bad for the people who live down there. There is nothing left of the road.”

Money was set aside three years ago for the road to be converted back to gravel, but the project didn’t happen. Selectman Tim Kachnovich asked how much money would need to be set aside to do so now.

Greenwood said there are cheap options and “real” options. He said he did not consider grinding the remaining pavement a viable option. Scarifying it with a bulldozer or digging the tar out altogether and laying down fabric under the gravel were his two suggestions. The latter would be more expensive but better for longevity, Greenwood said. He estimated the gravel alone would cost $10,000. There is not enough money in the highway account to address the issue.

Greenwood said the Road Committee should discuss the situation and perhaps have a roundtable to come up with suggestions. Kachnovich agreed a Road Committee meeting would be the first step.


The board also voted to accept Randy Tirrell’s letter of resignation. Tirrell, a member of the road crew, submitted the letter last week. His last day is Friday.

In other business, Castonguay said she posted the road foreman position on the town’s Facebook page after the position had to be re-opened. The page was viewed more than 1,000 times and shared 21 times. “We are up to 215 likes on our Facebook page,” she said.

Castonguay received five applications for the position. Selectpersons reviewed those applications in an executive session Monday evening.

Interviews are expected to be held next week, with the hope that the new road foreman can be confirmed at the next Board of Selectpersons meeting on Nov. 16.

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