LEWISTON — An Auburn woman injured in a car-moose collision on the Maine Turnpike on Wednesday remained in a medically induced coma Thursday.

Taylor Norcross, 27, was in stable condition at Central Maine Medical Center, said Frank Gatto of Auburn, the driver of the 2004 Infinity sedan destroyed in the crash.

Gatto, 40, said Thursday that Norcross suffered “pretty severe head injuries and a small hematoma. She is also on assisted breathing.” He said doctors expect her to remain in a coma for the next week, at least.

“It’s pretty much a waiting game,” Gatto said. “They have to let the swelling go down. She’s stable, but it’s just a waiting game right now.”

Gatto said it was difficult for him because he “walked away basically without a scratch” from the collision at mile 65 in Gray. 

“I was driving and I just looked up,” he said. “I wasn’t distracted or anything, and all of a sudden there was a moose. The car didn’t stop on impact; it just hit. I had to pull over and stop. It was pitch black, there was no light. I ran over to her side of the car right away.”

Norcross was not responsive from the time of the impact, he said. 

“The moose just went right over us, shattered the windshield,” he said. 

Gatto said he was thankful for the overwhelming support he has received. “It’s nice to have all the people stop by and visit.” 

Norcross isn’t allowed visitors besides family, but friends have been coming to the hospital to express their support, Gatto said. 

He has been regularly updating his Facebook page, including Taylor’s initial condition, pictures of the car post-crash, and expressing thanks for the well-wishes and support from family and friends. 

According to Maine State Police Trooper William Baker, the bull moose was standing in the northbound lane where it was struck. It “went over the top of the car right over the passenger compartment. Basically, it took the roof right off the car,” the trooper said.

Norcross had to be extricated from the vehicle by Gray firefighters and rescue personnel, he said.

The moose died in the crash.

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