BETHEL — SAD 44 Superintendent David Murphy told the board of directors Monday evening that the district received three grants totaling nearly $15,000.

Murphy said that the first is a state planning grant to “assist us in funding effectiveness training.”

“As you know, we’re also getting money from the TIF 4 grant, which is a big help, but this state planning grant will give us an extra boost for other things related to effectiveness training,” Murphy told the board.

He said that the grant was for $4,600.

The second grant, issued by the Sunday River Community Fund, is for $5,000, Murphy said, and would be used to help Telstar Regional Middle/High School replace the projector screen for the auditorium.

“This grant would probably be more of a matching grant,” he said “It’s possible that we’ll find more grants to help support us with this project, and if not, we’ll come back to you during the budget cycle.”

The renovation of the auditorium began 12 years ago.

“We did a lot at first, and then slowed down,” Murphy said. “We’ve been chipping away at the lights and sound and other types of components, and next on the list is the projector.”

Those of you who have seen a presentation on that screen know that it’s currently being held together by different generations of duct tape,” Murphy said. “This is an opportunity to finally bring that projector screen into the new millennium.”

The third grant is for $4,800 to bolster the Telstar school security system installed last year.

“The money will help us build on that, so that the building’s system will be operational and cover all the different wings in the school,” he said. “Hopefully, we can begin looking into doing the same things for other schools in the district. We’ll be looking into that more in the months and years to come.”

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