I cannot sit back one more minute and do nothing about the disaster that this country, which includes the great state of Maine, has been in and is going to get much, much worse, if the Trans Pacific Partnership is passed by Congress.

The Sun Journal should publish at least some information about the trade agreement so that the public knows exactly what is being considered by Congress in an upcoming vote. Much information can be found online, as the full document is now available for reading.

Most Mainers now realize how these trade agreements (specifically NAFTA) have affected good hard-working Mainers since the 1990s. The state has lost almost all manufacturing to corporations that outsourced jobs to low-cost workers overseas. Worse, the new trade agreement goes further than just the loss of more jobs, it also will affect the cost and access to medical care, how information is shared on the Internet and more.

In short, corporations will be allowed to sue countries if those country’s laws negatively impact their bottom line — profits.

The time for complacency and apathy is over. Elected officials are not working for the public; they are working for corporate interests and I believe (hope) most people see this by now.

I am hoping Maine’s representatives look hard at the trade agreement and then vote against it.

Arin Quintel, Livermore Falls

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