In his column, Nov. 14, Richard Cohen states that Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson “has no political or government experience and his knowledge of foreign policy comes down to this: he has none.”

What Cohen does not understand is that the American people are tired of electing the politically elite professional-politician types who always promise to change the direction of the country, but do nothing. Cutting the national debt, creating jobs — all promises broken.

Political experience is not an advantage. I do not trust the political class because they are owned by all sorts of special-interest big donors

It is really time for a change. I will not vote for a professional politician this time. I have learned my lesson.

That is why Carson, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump are leading in the polls. They do not represent the same tired, old, political establishment, but relate to the people’s interests, not the establishment’s interests.

I support Carson, not only because he has pulled himself up from the streets of Detroit to become one of the leading surgeons of the day, but also because he has what most professional politicians lack: honesty and good common sense.


He admits that he is not a politician, but is a fast learner, as exemplified by his quick grasp of economic and foreign affairs. He knows the Constitution very well and feels this country is straying from its original goal of individual responsibility.

He says he would surround himself with only the brightest and most honest of support staff when elected president. I believe him.

Those people who don’t know the story of Carson’s life should read the book or rent the movie “Gifted Hands.” It is an awe-inspiring story of how he fought his way out of poverty in Detroit to his current status.

I understand why the media will continue to attack him — because he is a black conservative who knows the Constitution and what it stands for. They will continue to put his life under a microscope until they can find something to erode his biggest strengths: his life story and trust.

It is time for a change, a real change. If voters dare to elect someone for president who is not a professional politician, government, as it has become, can be made to be for, by and of the people again. That would be real change.

George Mathews, Auburn

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