This is in reply to the letter from Thomas Shields (Nov. 22), “Republicans deal in facts.”

He was responding to Nancy Willard’s letter (Nov. 13) which labeled him and other conservatives as having “extreme political views” and that Shields did not substantiate the “horrific” things he said the Democrats do.

Shields indicated that he could give reference to facts if the Sun Journal allowed him more than 250 words.

Well, let’s start there — conservative finger-pointing as a means of bringing about a more perfect union, including:

• The focus of the Benghazi hearings solely to have a negative impact on Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency.

• The Affordable Care Act passed without one Republican vote in favor, but what is the conservative plan for universal health care?

• Shields has heard the negative musings regarding the implementation of Social Security, yet the two political parties worked together then to make it a positive program for Americans.

• If all of the problems in Augusta are because of 30 years of Democratic control, why do Democrats keep getting elected?

As I have stated before, the U.S. democracy is based on a two-party system and those two parties are not the Republican Party and the tea party. And that is a fact even Shields cannot deny.

Norman Smith, Poland

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