“Petition seeks to move election,” reads the headline in the Sun Journal (Nov. 25). Being an American is my proudest affiliation, and I am dismayed when another American attempts to undermine America’s ideals and freedoms.

The three people named in the article as the authors of the petition are Luke Jensen, Brian Dale Wood and Jennifer Wood, supported in great part by Patti Gagne.

Trying to prevent any American from voting is a dangerous slippery slope and is in line with America’s enemies, who want to control voting, self-expression and civil liberties.

People have forgotten what caused the upheaval in Africa and the Middle East. Lack of democracy causes the collapse of governments. I know we think it can never happen here, but it can if we don’t take care of our democracy.

Changing the voting date to prevent college students from voting is a big deal. I know that the paper listed only Bates College students, but it means all the other colleges in this town are affected also. If this caper is successful, other municipalities may follow suit if some sore loser wants to change demographics they think will help them win.

I can now see business and families avoiding a move to Lewiston because we are so exclusive. Instead of enticing Bates graduates to stay in Lewiston and enhance and enrich the culture and community, this kind of action is a real turnoff.

Why would young people stay where they are not welcome to participate?

Margaret Craven, Lewiston

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