Let’s be clear — donations to Ben Chin’s campaign aren’t questionable. Recall the culmination of events that brought national attention, which garnered donations from outside the area.

Chin has led a grassroots effort to raise funding and his efforts have been successful. Letters to the editor raising misguided grievances about Chin’s fundraising are groundless attempts to vilify the integrity of a cleanly run campaign.

When Chin was attacked by bigotry, did anyone question Steve Morgan’s campaign finance reports that revealed contributions made by Joe Dunne’s multiple LLCs? No.

To insinuate Chin is unqualified to be an ambassador to Lewiston due to contributions from outside the city lacks a fundamental understanding of campaign fundraising.

It exemplifies the results of a rather embarrassing smear campaign launched by Maine GOP members. Those tactless attacks reinforce the image that hurts Lewiston’s reputation.

I am voting for Ben Chin to restore Lewiston’s image.

Beth Wing, Lewiston

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