Why is a statewide political organization seeking control of Lewiston’s government?

I was shocked to learn after the November election that four candidates supported by the Maine Peoples Alliance had been elected to the City Council, and that Benjamin Chin, an MPA official, was one of the two candidates for mayor.

Lewiston’s city charter requires “non-partisan” local elections — meaning no political organizations should be involved. The MPA is a political organization, despite its own charter that states that the MPA “shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.”

With $87,000 in campaign contributions, almost 90 percent from persons who don’t reside in Lewiston, I have to wonder why Portland residents want to influence who is elected mayor of Lewiston?

A vote for Chin appears to be a vote for MPA control of Lewiston. What will they do with that control?

Michael Poulin, Lewiston

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