This is in response to the Editor’s Note added to Bob Pelletier’s letter to the editor (Nov. 28).

Deceptive and misleading comments like the one the editor made are among the reasons this country is in debt some $18 trillion and rising.

Last time I looked at my paycheck, I have federal and state taxes taken out of it and I am sure that the vast majority of hardworking Lewiston taxpayers do also.

So, in fact, Lewiston taxpayers pay for housing, health care, food, transportation and other things that a welfare recipient gets. The money that runs all federal, state and local programs comes out of the same pairs of pants or pantsuits that are worn by the taxpayers of this country.

Why do the media twist the facts to suit their cause? Perhaps because welfare is big business and most non-profits and liberal-leaning entities profit from welfare programs.

Donald Dubuc, Minot

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