Tim Lajoie’s letter (Nov. 14) questioning the “ethics” of Bates students voting locally raises a bigger ethical question. Why are so many politicians seeking to discourage, rather than encourage, voting? Isn’t that unethical?

Why would anyone seek to disenfranchise young people and future leaders by depriving them of their constitutional right to vote? Is it because some people may be prejudging how they might vote?

It is a good thing to have more people voting, not a bad thing. If some people are worried about how a certain group may vote in an election, then they should seek to get out the votes from the people on their side. That is the American way. Denying people the right to vote because of speculation on how they might vote is not.

I hope every adult student votes in every election. It doesn’t matter in the least where they vote, it matters much more that they vote. That is what really matters.

Richard Whiting, Auburn

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