Here we go again. According to a Dec. 4 story in the Sun Journal, taxpayers will be forced to come up with millions of dollars for new tests for school children, and pay it to a firm in New Hampshire.

How many more such tests are taxpayers going to pay for and to what end?

State and federal educational mandates on testing have left teachers with little time to actually teach. How many such tests have been successful in the past? Not many, as new ones pop up ad nauseum.

How are they used?

New teaching curriculums appear like winter snow. You get used to one and here comes another to which teachers have to adjust.

Because of the multitude of education committees, teachers today know what is expected of them in English and math at grade levels 3-8. Wouldn’t mid-year and final exams, written by and scored by teachers, make more sense? Quicker feedback to see weaknesses and strengths to adjust new teaching.


For years upon years, property taxes have skyrocketed because 60-70 percent goes to education, not testing every month or so.

I am definitely a proponent of great education, but wasting my money on a myriad of testing does not suit my pocketbook.

There has to be a better way to fund education than a regressive property tax. The nicer your house and property, the more tax you pay.

Are there any second-hand tents out there for sale?

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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