JAY — Police said a Livermore Falls woman is accused of violating bail conditions for the third time by contacting her boyfriend, who is a co-defendant in the robbery of 75-year-old Jay man last year.

Detective Michael Mejia said Amanda Cote, 39, was arrested by officer Dylan Rider on a felony charge of violation of condition of release at her home at Hunton Loop in Livermore Falls.

Cote is accused of being the getaway driver in the robbery.

Her boyfriend, Eric Hafford, 35, of Livermore Falls and Daniel Leet, 34, of Lewiston are accused of breaking into a Jay residence late on June 28, 2015. The two, police said, tied the man’s hands behind his back with tape and made him lie face down while they stole a phone, wallet and valuable coin collection from the house.

The three were arrested in July 2015 and the court ordered no direct or indirect contact among them.

Mejia said he received information that Cote was still having contact with Hafford at the Franklin County jail in Farmington. Mejia requested two weeks of phone call records from the jail and his investigation showed she was having indirect contact with Hafford through a third party on a phone, he said.


The case remains under investigation.

Cote had been out on bail since she was accused of violating conditions of release in September 2015 for the second time. An attorney has entered denials on her behalf for the two previous violations.

She is being held without bail at the jail and is expected to go before a judge on Friday.

Hafford is being held on $60,000 cash bail.

Leet’s bail was set at $25,000.


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