100 years ago, 1916
Wendell Maxwell is completing the construction of the base of the big tower for the Webster Woolen Mills at Sabattus. The tower which is to be fully 100 feet high will be erected at the rear of the Upper Mill on a ledge which has necessitated much blasting. The big tank will have a capacity of 30,000 gallons. The erection of the tower as a fire protection will be a great safeguard in that line.

50 years ago, 1966
State Sen. Romeo T. Boisvert (D-Lewiston), in a surprise move at Augusta Wednesday afternoon, urged the Legal Affairs Committee of the legislature to ignore his bill for a new charter for Lewiston. The senator formally asked the committee to accept his request for “leave to withdraw” the charter bill. Senator Boisvert made the request at the outset of a public hearing on the proposed new charter. Despite Bolsvert’s plea, the committee decided it had to hear the views of opponents and proponents.

25 years ago, 1991
School administrators at Turner redirected a proposed walkout by Tripp Middle School students to school-wide discussions of the war activity in the Middle East on Thursday and Friday, and helped students organize activities. Students showed their frustration with the situation. As one explained, “We haven’t been through a war. We don’t know what to expect and we need to ask questions and have them answered.” This attitude is the focus of a large number of the school’s student body. The group, frustrated in their attempts to discuss the events in the Middle East, proposed a student walk-out. The students emphasized the walkout was not in protest of the war, but in protest of the attitude the students perceived. One student said, “We asked to talk about it and (teachers and administrators) said ‘no’; they just wanted us to keep doing regular things.”

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be edited.

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