DIXFIELD — The Planning Board voted unanimously Thursday evening to recommend that the Board of Selectmen establish an appeals board as soon as possible.

Chairman Ricky Davis said that an appeals board was something the town needed, and that they could “open themselves up to a lawsuit” if a situation were to arise.

Member Robin Mitchell pointed out that the board had tried to set up an appeals board in the past to no avail.

“From what I gathered, nobody wanted to sign up for it,” Mitchell said.

“Well, according to the Comprehensive Plan, we can force the issue,” Davis said. “It would be nice to have an appeals board. If there were ever a situation that arose where we needed one and we didn’t have one, we could be opening ourselves up to a lawsuit, since we’re supposed to provide due process.”

Member Jeffrey Knight said people “probably don’t want to sign up because it’s a small town, and people don’t want to decide against neighbors or friends.”

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