Maine ranks as the best state in New England to retire to, and 30th overall, in an analysis done by the personal finance website WalletHub.

The analysis compared 24 metrics within the 50 states and District of Columbia, including the adjusted cost of living, the number of entertainment options per capita, public hospital rankings, cost of home health care, percent of employed seniors and the property crime rate.

Best states

1. Florida 

2. Wyoming 

3. South Dakota 

4. South Carolina 

5. Colorado 

6. Idaho 

7. Texas 

8. Montana 

9. Nevada 

10. Virginia 

Worst states

42. Maryland

43. Alaska

44. New York

45. West Virginia

46. New Jersey

47. Vermont

48. Connecticut

49. Hawaii

50. D.C.

51. Rhode Island

New England

30. Maine

38. New Hampshire

39. Massachusetts

47. Vermont

48. Connecticut

51. Rhode Island

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