According to Maine Gov. Paul LePage, senators don’t make good presidents. That’s why he was in Urbandale, Iowa, on Monday night campaigning for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for president.

At the 9th precinct, LePage said three U.S. Senators have become president, according to Politico. John F. Kennedy’s administration was cut short by assassination. “The other two (Warren Harding and Barack Obama) are not known for being successful,” LePage said.

The key is being governor. “Whether you’re a governor or a president you’ve got to make some decisions and you’ve got to make them quick,” the National Review Online quoted LePage as saying.

LePage said Christie is a “tried and tested” governor who’s ready to be “Commander in Chief on day one.”

“I believe after the last eight years, we need somebody with experience to go to Washington. Somebody who’s been tried and tested. He has been a good g,overnor and he has earned the stripes to be elected president and Commander in Chief,” according to the National Review Online.

LePage also told the crowd that daily newspapers were so bad, he didn’t believe the obituaries. LePage has said several times in Maine that he didn’t read newspapers.

Christie, who only got 1.8 percent of the vote and no delegates Monday in Iowa, offered his support to the Maine governor during LePage’s 2014 successful re-election campaign.

LePage, in turn, has offered his support to Christie’s presidential bid and has also campaigned for Christie in New Hampshire recently. 

In 2014, Christie visited Maine five times to campaign for LePage.

State Politics Editor Scott Thistle contributed to this report.

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