During the past 10 years, I, and others, have attempted to get elected officials to acknowledge and act for the totally disabled, service-connected disabled veterans. We always get the same runaround, such as the recent response from elected official Bill Diamond: “I will take your comments under advisement as we consider legislation in the next session.”

That response is almost word for word the same one from him a few years ago. The governor’s office has been contacted, as were all local area representatives, with no response from most.

Our request is simple:

Maine veterans who have given their physical and/or mental health in defense of their country should be given the simple consideration to live on their own primary property without being encumbered by property taxes.

At what point does a veteran earn the right to live on their primary property after giving not some, but all of themselves to live in peace without being encumbered with taxes for that small plot of ground?

There are approximately 19 states that offer exemption(s) from property taxation, effectively waiving any tax assessment costs. Maine allows a pitiful $6,000 reduction to the assessed value before applying taxes.

Alfred Shrigley, Casco

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