100 years ago, 1916
Two children hauling a sled upon which was fastened a good sized box, filled with packages, narrowly escaped being run over by a reckless autoist on Lisbon street, near Ash street, yesterday. As it was, their sled was smashed and the packages distributed in all directions. The autoist did not stop to inquire how much damage he had done, but put on more speed and quickly disappeared from sight.

50 years ago, 1966
Lewiston’s Board of Education has agreed to permit youngsters to eat their cold lunches at schools where there is no hot lunch program, providing the principal agrees. The action was taken at an EB meeting Tuesday afternoon at the school department headquarters following a request from the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The board spent some time discussing the proposal which had been made by the city aldermen that during the inclement weather season, youngsters should not have to run home for lunch when they could bring their “cold lunches” with them.

25 years ago, 1991
A New Hampshire shoe company is testing the local labor pool this week before deciding whether to expand their operations to the area or go elsewhere. Shaer Shoe Corp., a Manchester, N,H., company that makes shoes for retailers like Thom McAn and Kinney Shoes, has been interviewing job applicants since Tuesday and were scheduled to continue today at the Maine Job Service Office in Lewiston. The 40-year-old company, which also owns the 320 employee Franklin Shoe Co. in Farmington, is considering locating an expansion of their Manchester headquarters in the city, but the company’s director of manufacturing said a decision won’t be made for a month.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be edited.

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