2/6/2016 Corporal Bean responded to a 911 hang-up complaint on the Vienna Rd in Chesterville.

2/6/2016 Deputy Scovil conducted a welfare check on the West Side Rd in Carthage.

2/6/2016 Corporal Brann responded to Bradbury Rd in Industry regarding a suicidal person there. The person had threatened to hurt themselves and was transported to FMH to be evaluated.

2/6/2016 Corporal Brann investigated a harassment complaint on North Main St. in Strong. A juvenile was receiving harassing text messages and phone calls from an unknown person.

2/6/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated a harassment complaint between neighbors on the Swamp Rd in Temple.

2/6/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated a Vandalism complaint on Swamp Rd in Temple. This was a continuation of the previous complaint where one neighbor was accusing the other of vandalizing a vehicle last year.

2/6/2016 Deputy Scovil and Corporal investigated a compliant of a possible violation of a protective order in New Sharon. As a result of the investigation Joshua Osborne (35) of Farmington was arrested for Violation of a protection order Class D misdemeanor.

2/7/2016 Deputy Lowe responded to a single vehicle accident on Route 27 in Alder Stream Twp. No injuries were reported.

2/7/2016 Corporal Brann investigated a Civil Complaint regarding vehicle ownership on Rr 17 Letter D twp. This was determined to be a divorce dispute.

2/7/2016 Deputy Lowe investigated a vehicle theft on Main Street in Kingfield.

2/8/2016 Deputy Scovil assisted Carrabassett Police with a single vehicle rollover accident on the S-turns. The driver was not at the scene of the accident when the PD arrived. Deputy Scovil located the driver in Kingfield.

2/8/2016 Deputy Morgan responded to a single vehicle accident on Foster Hill Rd in Freeman Twp.

2/8/2016 Deputy Morgan conducted a traffic stop on the West Freeman Rd in Strong. As a result of the stop a passenger, Allen Jenness (26) of Waterville was arrested on a warrant.

2/8/2016 Deputy Scovil investigated an alleged assault complaint in Salem Twp.

2/8/2016 Deputy Lowe investigated a single vehicle accident on Main St in Kingfield.

2/8/2016 Deputy Morgan assisted Commercial Vehicle troopers with an arrest of a truck driver; Christopher Williams (58) of North New Portland was arrested on a warrant.

2/9/2016 Deputy Burke investigated a three car accident on Main St in Kingfield, a vehicle crashed into two parked cars.

2/9/2016 Deputy Zecher investigated a report of suspicious activity on Wheeler Hill Rd in Phillips.

2/9/2016 Deputy Scovil responded to a domestic disturbance on Dads Way in Sandy River Plt. This was an argument between two juvenile sisters, mostly verbal no charges were filed.

2/10/2016 Corporal Bean responded to a car vs. deer accident on route 27 in Eustis. The deer died at the scene and car sustained reportable damage.

2/10/2016 Deputy Zecher transported a prisoner to Mtn. View Juvenile detention center in Charleston.

2/10/2016 Deputy Hartley investigated a late report of a domestic disturbance which occurred on the Phillips Rd in Strong. After conducting interviews Hartley arrested Philip Schiche (31) of Mile Hill Rd. in New Sharon for Domestic Violence Assault Class D and Criminal Restraint Class D.

2/11/2016 Deputy Zecher arrested Brandon Parker (29) of Mt. Vernon for violation of conditions of release at the request of a Maine Pre Trial supervisor. Parker reported in at Franklin County Jail to be arrested.

2/11/2016 Corporal Hartley and Detective Ken Charles responded to Gilkey Hill Rd in Freeman Twp. and assisted State Police with a domestic disturbance. Trooper Monahan arrested a female for Domestic Violence assault.

2/11/2016 Deputy Zecher, Lt. St. Laurent, Detective Stephen Charles and Corporal Hartley assisted The Fire Marshal’s Office with several search warrants in New Sharon.

2/12/2016 Deputy Scovil assisted State Police with a fire on Mile Square Rd in Avon.

Deputies conducted 42 building checks during this time period, all were secure; Deputies also conducted 5 elder checks.