This is in response to a story in the Sun Journal Feb. 7.

Auburn Housing Authority Director Richard Whiting and Lewiston Housing Authority Director Jim Dowling are worried that HUD’s new rules will be too tough. Well, it is about time something was done.

The reason for tenants to leave is the same as the reason tenants were accepted — income. Making double (or more) over the threshold is a good reason for termination. Temporary housing assistance is there to help needy families through difficult times, not to save up money for a down payment on a house.

There should be a five-year limit on residency.

Residents who are over the income threshold do not belong in the system. Families on the waiting list are not interested in such residents as “role models” because they need help immediately.

If Auburn charges over-income residents the full market rate ($1,000 per month), those residents do not belong in the system. Most other landlords cannot collect that, even for a large apartment.


Why do the two housing authorities do annual reviews? They are wasting their time. It is obvious officials think over-income families are a good thing to have. They have been ignoring the warning signs that it is not right. They don’t seem concerned. HUD is also guilty.

I hope Gov. Paul LePage looks into it. He gets things done.

Whiting and Dowling need to be replaced.

Doris Pelletier, Lewiston

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