The Republican Party has lost its way. No wonder Donald Trump is winning in the polls. The American people are speaking. Both parties should listen.

Republican Party puppeteers hiding in the shadows pulled the strings and Mitt Romney danced. The same Mitt Romney who accepted campaign contributions from Donald Trump, who even had Trump make robo-call recordings for him, now has the audacity to call Trump names. For Romney to imply that American people voting for Trump are feeble minded is an insult to the definition of a democracy.

In my opinion, Ted Cruz, born in Canada, is not eligible to run for president. The Constitutional passage Cruz hangs his hat on was amended seven years later. According to the Constitution, a candidate must be born on U.S. soil to serve as president. The GOP is allowing it. The American people must not.

Marco Rubio, absent more than 60 percent of the time from the Senate, excuses his dereliction of duty stating other people do not show up. He behaves like he is in middle school.

John Kasich’s naming Vladimir Putin as Trump’s running mate in his political ad showed poor judgment and bad taste. Kasich had the decency to seem embarrassed by it, but the Republican Party had no problem with it.

Members of Congress who do show up cannot accomplish anything, thanks to the group of self-serving members in the GOP.

It is a disgrace. It is unconscionable. It needs to stop.

Catherine Ferrell, Greene

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