I am so angry after reading the Sun Journal story about the Elan School (March 13). I believe every word of it and remember the rumors and stories about that school.

Why the state did not investigate, I cannot imagine. Perhaps it was because it believed in smaller government; or that kids who weren’t nice quiet kids didn’t deserve protection; or perhaps it had better things to spend money on.

Who in their right mind would believe a 15-year-old should be in a boxing ring? Professional boxers have to be at least 18 years old.

Sadly, many people still believe a certain class of people don’t deserve help.

The situation needs to be investigated now. Maybe the people involved are dead or have moved far away, but we in the area need to know the truth. We all share in the guilt because we didn’t insist that the school might be hiding some dirty secrets.

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds

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