LIVERMORE — Selectpersons voted unanimously Monday night to foreclose on a home at 499 Canton Road and send the owner an eviction notice, if back taxes and associated fees are not paid by March 31.

Treasurer and interim Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said $3,582.30 was owed as of March 1. A certified letter was sent to the owner, warning him of the impending foreclosure if payment wasn’t made by the end of the month. 

A lien was placed on the property when the 2014 taxes were not paid.

Byron was concerned about the cost to the town for eviction and cleanup of the property. She said there have been no public utilities at the property for some time.

Selectperson Tom Gould said the town had a couple of options after going through the foreclosure process: entering into a rental agreement or eviction. 

Last year, the land was valued at $28,600 and the building $38,678, for a total of $67,278.


Selectperson Megan Dion suggested sending the eviction notice. She said a rental agreement could be a lot more costly.

Selectperson Timothy Kachnovich said the board had to be consistent in its action in case of a similar situation next year.

Gould said he doesn’t want to push anyone out of their house, but the board needs to consider the best interests of the town.

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