Reading the letters to the editor recently, there are still a few caring people left (William Berlinghoff, March 16; Jenny Orr, Heidi Webber and Dennis O’Neil, March 18). They took the time to remind people that those people who care need to stick together to fight the evil in this state, this country and in the world.

I cannot understand how the American people can blindly follow Donald Trump. He has incited physical violence. If Trump gets elected, how long before he shoots off his arrogant mouth and gets the U.S. involved in a war?

Meanwhile, Maine Gov. Paul LePage blackmails schools, cities and towns with people’s money as if it were his own. He cuts funds for programs for the disabled, mentally ill, addicted and the poor.

I recently read that Section 17 will drop 8,000 people who count on services every day. It is not humanly possible for those who care about those people to straighten it out before many will fall through the cracks.

It seems like everything is broken — we have taken this beautiful world and destroyed everything with selfishness, arrogance, hate and fear that allowed pollution and climate change.

I remember, 60 years ago, walking to the post office with my grandfather and everyone said “Good morning.” Now, it is “Get out of my way. I am in a hurry.”

If the future of this state and country has leaders such as LePage and Trump, this nation is doomed. My dog is smarter than my governor.

Bobbi Wilner, Norway

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