I agree with Arthur Gagne (letter, April 9) about the abuse of handicap parking. I worked most of my life in police and security positions. One time, I had to chase a man out of a spot, though he was driving a car with a tag, because he was not the owner of the tag. That same man later tried out for big league baseball, then became a policeman.

A big part of the problem involves giving a tag or plate to just about anyone who asks. Doctors need to toughen up and tell people to quit being so lazy and start walking.

I recall one man telling me he had just been diagnosed with a heart murmur and told to walk a lot. First thing he did was get a handicap plate and apply for Social Security. Later, I saw him in his window watching his 90-year-old mother shoveled the walk

I would guess that at least 75 percent of those special tags/plates are an abuse of the public and the holder would be much better off without it.

I am constantly seeing people whom I know using the tags/plates to avoid a healthy walk across the parking lot. Most (not all) people with them, along with their doctors, should be ashamed.

Dwight Mills, Greenwood

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