Binding Maine’s superdelegates to the caucus results is a quick fix to a much larger problem. This year’s presidential campaigns have brought the need for election reform to the forefront.

The idea that a group of self-serving individuals feel that they are entitled to control the United States is absurd. Yet billions of dollars are being spent flooding the airwaves with propaganda so a chosen few can control a political office.

The irony is that members of Congress are spending the majority of their time dialing for those dollars instead of the job they were hired to do.

The Republican Party has a group of spoiled brats who are trying to override others at the convention. The less likely their chances become, the worse they behave. The Democratic Party has superdelegates who don’t have to follow voters’ preferences.

The number of delegates assigned to each state by both parties seems inequitable. With superdelegates added to the mix, the people’s voice is muted. Only one of Maine’s five superdelegates, Chellie Pingree, is an elected official. The other four are DNC members.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have defied the powers that be in their respective parties, as well as the odds. Imagine a president that the “establishment” cannot control. The nation’s forefathers did when they set up three branches of government for that very reason. Maybe we will see a Trump-Sanders independent ticket.

Our nation should have one vote per person.

Catherine Ferrell, Greene

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