I agree with Peter Blake (letter, May 7) and Catherine Ferrell (May 14) about people’s concerns with the popular vote. Actually, it is not that popular — it doesn’t really count.

The nation’s forefathers created a government “by the people, for the people.” I pay taxes, so my vote should count. Elected representatives should work for the people, not decide for them.

It is a very old story, the powers that be — big money — control everything in their favor. We need to restructure our government before we completely destroy it.

I believe that good people are losing hope in the present system.

The electoral college needs to be abolished. It is not morally good. Put power back into the hands of the people who really support this country. “One person, one vote” — it is very simple

We need to feel really united as a people.

Lou Giard, Turner

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