Who or what is Donald Trump? Not intending to reduce government to the size of a boson, he can’t be a right-wing nut-bag. As for being a liberal, he favors too many inhumane, Constitution-bashing, divisive and victimizing policies for that.

No, it appears he actually is the character he presents himself to be, like the part he played on his TV shows — an over-inflated, self-obsessed, cunning, cruel, lawless, run-of-the-mill tyrant.

If the American people are so historically ignorant and morally bankrupt as to even consider electing such an aberration and he gets into office, some will enjoy his brutal exercise of power that that ensures, free of the restraints of common human decency and compassion (vilified as political correctness). Enjoy it while it victimizes others, until the idiocy of it eventually victimizes them, too.

Trump’s personality and character make it impossible for him to ever be a leader in a democracy. All he could do is continue the evisceration of this constitutional republic and likely pave the way for an era of dictatorship.

Kevin Simpson, Auburn

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