Years ago, Dixfield had several businesses, and mills in surrounding small towns were booming, making towns prosperous. That era is history. Businesses are not thriving in small-town Maine.

When a business comes to Dixfield asking to build a project, do residents waste time fighting them or do we work out a beneficial deal for our town?

Wind facilities are taxed annually and contribute to local non-profit organizations, the environment, educational programs and land conservation. Such projects have spent $1.2 billion in Maine so far. They are revenue-producing products and are a sustainable natural resource, similar to Maine blueberries, lobsters and trees. Much of Maine’s economy is based on selling natural resources in other markets. Wind power is sold out of state. Is that different from any other business?

Officials on the select board and planning board are on record as 3-2 against the town prospering in any way. No other business has been sought. Dixfield appears to be anti-business. Some selectmen continue their negative attitudes toward business, saying that if the town’s value increases it would lose state subsidies. One has even said that if the town gets more money, someone will want to spend it. Is that pro-Dixfield ?

Every wind restrictive ordinance has been rejected by the voters and the selectmen say this is not a vote for the project. The current proposed ordinance is wind restrictive.

Residents can help our town prosper.

I hope others will join me in voting no on the wind ordinance on June 14.

Grayson Child, Dixfield

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