ANSWER: There are a few companies that offer on-site shredding in the L/A area. Among them are:

Security Shredding, Inc. and Re-Harvest, Inc., based out of Portland, does document shredding in the L/A area and then they recycle the paper. You can reach them by calling (207) 946-2319.

Records Management Center brings their mobile shredding service to places throughout New England, though they are based out of Bangor. You can email them to request a quote at [email protected], or call them at (207) 990-4636.

Also, check with your local banks. Some of them will provide document shredding service to their customers for free.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Locke Mills Church in Greenwood is looking for an organist. If anyone in the area is interested in applying, please contact Beverly Melville at (207) 875-2451. Thank you, you have been very helpful before for our church. — Hazel, Lewiston.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I graduated from Lewiston High School in 1951. Since this is our 65th anniversary, I wondered if there are plans for a reunion this year? Thanks, Marilyn, Sabattus.

ANSWER: Wow! Sun Spots sure hopes there is. Are there any readers who can help answer this question for Marilyn? Sixty-five years is pretty impressive, and to think, when Sun Spots received the following notice from the Lewiston High School Class of 1956 for their upcoming 60th reunion, she was already impressed.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lewiston High School Class of 1956 is looking for the following classmates. We are having a 60th class reunion on Saturday, Aug. 6, at noon at Marco’s Restaurant on 12 Mollison Way in Lewiston. If you can locate any of the missing classmates, please contact Monique Grenier at (207) 783-9811. Thank you.

The classmates are: Celeste (Sherry) Houle; Helen Kimball; Richard Laplante; Normand Lavigne; Joyce (Cavers) Marcoux; Joanne (Gilbert) Mills; Betty (Gauvin) Morrell; Carmen Poulin; Raymond Pratt; Norman Purington; Dolores Romeo; Lorraine Roy; Maxine (Bemis) Ruggles; Diane Towle; Leonie Tsao; Charles Whittaker; Carol (Lux) Zacher; Joanne (Massey) Young; Roger Gay; Richard Estey; Robert Dube; Rita (Molton) Dishong; Dana Madrano; Roger Beaulieu; Alice (Jodrey) Sennett; Peter Vanderpool; Fred Parker; and Joan (Turcotte) Ruby.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know what happened to Sierra Mist? Now you can get Mist Twist, but it doesn’t taste the same. — Deborah, No Town.

ANSWER: PepsiCo rebranded the lemon-lime soft drink again in spring of 2016— the latest in a long line of rebrand attempts since the product’s launch in 1999-2000. Part of this rebrand does include a formula change, hence the different taste. If history does indeed repeat itself, though, then don’t worry. If you just wait it out, it will likely change again within the next couple of years. 

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