FARMINGTON — A Mexico woman told two men Tuesday who were involved with burning her family’s camp in Carthage last year that after they have served their time in prison, they should get themselves together and lead productive lives.

Andrea Casey told D’Kota Rowe, 21, of Wilton and Einer Bonilla, 22, formerly of Nebraska, to think long and hard while in prison about what they took away from her family. Then maybe in 20 years, she said, they can call her and her husband, Gene Casey, and, “I will forgive you.”

Remember, you are getting a second chance in your lives, she said. Make the best of it — not everyone gets one, she said.

Justice William Stokes sentenced Rowe to 12 years in prison with all but three years suspended, followed by four years of probation. He had found Rowe guilty of four counts of arson in May for burning the Caseys’ summer home and a vacant Wilton double-wide mobile home belonging to Kandi Ward of Roxbury on June 27, 2015.

Two counts of arson were alternative theories in relation to the risk the arsons posed to firefighters and others involved. The four charges were condensed into two for sentencing purposes to avoid double jeopardy. Rowe was the driver of the car that carried the gas and co-defendants to burn the homes.

Rowe had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson prior to the trial in relation to a thwarted attempt to burn a Wilton apartment building with people in it the same morning because of a grudge against the owner.


On Tuesday, Rowe pleaded guilty to burglarizing three stores, Skoolhouse Variety in Weld, My Dad’s Place in Jay and Our Village Market in New Vineyard, on June 30 and July 1, 2015, and stealing goods from two of them.

Bonilla pleaded guilty to two counts of arson Tuesday for his part in the arson cases. Two counts of arson were dismissed, as was the charge of conspiracy to commit arson. He had previously pleaded guilty to burglary and theft charges related to the commercial burglaries.

Stokes sentenced Bonilla to 12 years in prison with all but 27 months suspended and four years of probation on the arson charges. He has been in jail since July 1, 2015, on the store burglary charges.

Cases against two co-defendants, Duane Bailey, 26, formerly of Massachusetts, and Devon Pease, 23, of Jay, have been resolved. Bailey admitted to spreading gas around both of the homes and lighting the Wilton one on fire. It is unknown who lit the Carthage camp on fire because of Bonilla, Bailey and Rowe being highly intoxicated on a potent concoction of rum, heroin, Ecstasy and other drugs.

Both Rowe’s attorney, Christopher Berryment, and Bonilla’s attorney, Thomas Carey, argued for lesser sentences.

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins argued for sentences of 12 years with all but four years suspended and four years of probation for both men.


Bonilla, who has a conviction of robbery in Nebraska and had just finished his parole weeks before he came to Maine last June, and Rowe, who has no criminal record, both apologized separately to the Caseys and to Ward for their parts in the arsons.

Rowe’s mother, Teresa Rowe, his wife, Hannah Rowe, and his friend, Cody Henry, all said the crimes were out of character for him. Teresa Rowe apologized through tears to the families. She said her son would be calling the Caseys once he is out of prison and leading a productive life.

Both men have young children.

Justice Stokes also sentenced Rowe to three years on the conspiracy to commit arson, 27 months on each of the burglary charges and six months on each theft charge. They will all be served at the same time as the arson sentence.

He also sentenced Bonilla to three years on each of the burglary charges and six months on each of the theft charges, all to be served at the same time as the arson sentence.

Both men are responsible for paying restitution to all parties along with their co-defendants.

Stokes told Bonilla and Rowe to make Andrea Casey proud and give her reasons to forgive them. He said they have youth on their side and he hoped they would turn their lives around.

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