ANSWER: Yard sale season is upon us and that might be the perfect way to find yourself an old 8-track player, but they’re also available on websites like Craigslist or eBay — often for a pretty penny since they’re considered “vintage” or for collectors. You might also check with some local flea markets like The Willows located at 345 South Main St. in Mechanic Falls. Places like The Willows have a constantly changing inventory, so you might like to call first. You can reach them by calling (207) 345-7047.

Perhaps a reader will be able to reach out with some other ideas, but if for some reason you’re unable to find anyone to either sell you an 8-track player or make you a copy of your tape, then there are some online services which you can send your 8-track for conversion to CD or digital format. Check, or or, closer to home, at

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am writing in regard to the column in the morning paper pertaining to an upcoming BNAS reunion which will take place July 15 through 17.

I joined Brunswick Naval Air Station in 1951, fresh out of boot camp. I came here shortly after the base was recommissioned in 1951. I was assigned to FASRON 108. I am eager to hear from other persons who were at Brunswick in those years — if there are any left.

I did send a message to the email address and informed them that I planned to attend. I married a local girl and settled here after my military obligations were over in 1955. Also, I attended the closing ceremony in 2013. — Donald, Greene.

ANSWER: Sun Spots is happy you stuck around the area and hopes you enjoy the reunion. Anyone wanting more information on the event or who would like to register to attend should visit the website:

DEAR SUN SPOTS: (from the Sun Spots Facebook page) Regarding the April 20 column “Deer continue to wreak havoc on plants,” I was surprised that you were not told about black pepper and Ivory soap (a used bar) to naturally shun deer from your hosts. — Sherry, Poland.

ANSWER: Theoretically, grating a used bar of soap around your plants will repel deer because of the human scent. There are several natural home remedies for keeping deer away from plants, and many include using items (like hair clippings) that have human scent attached to them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sun Spots is curious to hear from other readers who may have tried some of these. How did it work for you, and how often did you need to reapply the treatment to effectively keep the deer away? 

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