Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to hold an office requiring immense responsibility. The key word is responsibility and, apparently, she doesn’t look in mirrors, else she would see someone really unfit to hold public office.

Talk about responsibility — look at her “Fighting For Us” campaign signage. Tell that to the families of the ambassador and staff members murdered in the Benghazi attack during her tenure as secretary of state. She sure didn’t fight for them when the ambassador foresaw problems with their safety and requested additional security personnel. That was her responsibility to ensure security was provided. So, how anyone can believe she will fight for the people and this nation, itself, is beyond intelligent reasoning.

Then there is sending emails containing classified material on her personal server. That issue is still being debated in the news. Whether any of them had snippets of classified information or not is immaterial. That she used her personal server to conduct government business is, by itself, factual evidence of not being sufficiently responsible to occupy the oval office as this nation’s president.

Let’s not forget that Hillary was claiming that she and Bill were broke, though all the while raking in millions of dollars from authoring books and speaking engagements. I, and thousands of other citizens, would sure like to be that kind of “broke.”

Clinton’s demonstrated irresponsibility prevents marking her name on my ballot in November, should it appear there.

John Davis, South Paris

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