Is Bigelow Preserve being overcut? That was the subject of a Sun Journal article June 7.

Gov. Paul LePage seems to be willing to let overcutting happen in order to increase revenues to help pay heating costs for low income Mainers.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “preserve” as “to keep intact; keep from decaying; to maintain, retain and reserve for special use.”

The governor really doesn’t understand the long term management of forests or what an allowable cut is, or what sustainable forest management involves. He is a business person who needs income to keep Maine afloat. Leaders of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry want to keep the governor happy. The only job lost is the long term forestry manager of the preserve, who resigned over professional differences and ethical codes that he lives by.

Overcutting of trees apparently may or will happen unless somebody steps in to convince the governor to back off.

I am a forester and retired state senator who has seen good and lousy forest management. It may be that the Maine Society of American Foresters could review what is currently taking place and offer suggestions. The preserve needs a third-party intervention.

Walter Gooley, Farmington

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