I can remain silent no longer. It is with great anguish that I announce publicly that I will not vote for the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president. I do have standards.

This comes from one who has been active in the Republican Party for 48 years — since 1968. During that time, I have served continuously on the Lewiston City and Androscoggin County Republican Committees, including leadership positions. I was chair of the Second Congressional District Committee and a member of the Maine GOP State Committee. I was a delegate to a GOP National Convention.

But …

Trump disparages people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, and gender.

Trump is temperamentally unfit to have access to the nuclear codes or to deal with foreign countries.

Trump is ignorant on policies and doesn’t care to be informed.


Trump is a demagogue who promises policies that are impossible to implement.

Trump has a record of supporting liberal policies, notwithstanding current statements. I don’t trust him.

Trump is unacquainted with the Constitution regarding separation of powers and the Bill of Rights.

Trump is a dangerous bully who encourages tactics from supporters that remind one of German politics in the 1920s and 1930s.

Trump is amoral and dishonest in his personal and business affairs.

However, I also do not support Hillary Clinton nor the Democratic Party. Their policies are anathema — too socialist on economics, too radical on social issues, and naive on international issues.

Douglas Hodgkin, Lewiston

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