NEWRY — Residents at a special town meeting Tuesday voted to appropriate an additional $264,000 toward the Sunday River Road project, Town Administrator Amy Bernard said.

At the annual town meeting on March 8, residents voted to authorize the Board of Selectmen to issue a bond not to exceed $850,000 to pave Sunday River Road from Monkey Brook Road.

Deputy Clerk Kelly Scott said Monday that the project estimate for Sunday River Road came in around $1.1 million, an amount higher than the town’s initial estimate.

The original estimate did not factor in the amount of gravel that would be going on the road, or the fact that the road would need to be raised, Scott said. She added that an estimate was made before an engineer came in to look at the project.

Bernard said that engineer Joe Aloisio of the JAGA Engineering firm gave a 40-minute presentation to residents at the special town meeting Tuesday, and residents were given a chance to ask him questions about the project.

“At the end of the day, the residents ended up voting to raise an additional $264,000 towards the project and to approve the $850,000, along with the treasurer’s financial statement,” Bernard said.

Scott said the money will be raised through taxation.

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